Online Ordering

Order if you know exactly what you want, you can order online from our wonderful assortment of pasture raised products anytime, it’s easy!

Halves and Wholes

Halves and Wholes in beef, pork, chicken and lamb will give you the best prices for these nutritious, delicious, regenerative meats.


Subscriptions are perfect if you are busy, but like variety. An assortment of meat cuts, auto billed and appearing on your doorstep every month.


Our animals are raised in a diverse, rotational grazing system that allows them access to fresh grass and forage, while building up the nutrients and carbon in the soil. This makes for healthier, happier animals and an ever-improving natural farm ecosystem.


All of our products are available for pickup on our farm, at regular public drop locations, and for home delivery with a radius of our farm. We also offer wholesale ordering and delivery to local restaurants and distributors. Shop now to see what option is right for you!

Pasture-Raised Chicken & Eggs

Our Chickens are truly free-range, pecking bugs, nibbling grass and scratching for seeds. They are supplemented with non-gmo, non-soy feed.

This results in delicious flavor that doesn’t need seasoning, and rich yellow fat loaded with vitamin A

Pasture-Raised Pork

Many people think of pork as “less healthy” Actually, pastured pork has the highest levels of nutrients of any meat – especially vitamin D.

Our pigs rotationally graze the fields and woods, enjoying a diverse natural diet, including grass, roots and nuts. During the growing season they are lightly supplemented with non-gmo corn and craft brewing grains.

Grass-Fed Beef

Cows don’t kill the planet – they can save it! Enjoy delicious, 100% grassfed steak, and know that every bite sequesters carbon, improves watersheds, and leaves the planet a better place for our kids

Pasture-Raised Turkey & Duck

Free range Turkeys are raised for Thanksgiving. They are processed on the Tuesday, and delivered on the Wednesday right before the holiday – Uber fresh. You can put a deposit down any time.

Ducks are a special treat, and easier to cook than you might think. Let us know if you want one.

Grass-Fed Lamb

Our grass-fed sheep partner with our other grazing animals to bring a different type of grazing to the pastures, and a succulent flavor to your plate

Honey, Flour and More!

We also raise bees, selling raw Honey, join the newsletter to get an invite to our annual Fall Festival/Honey Harvest.

🌾Fresh ground flour is available (we do not grow it)

🍞Home Baked goods
🎁Various Gifts

Additional Info

Our Pricing

We understand our prices can be higher than some grocery stores. How can you justify spending on something that will be consumed?

We price at fair margins for our work, and we sometimes work for very little. Our commitments prevent us from cutting corners to provide a cheaper product.

We could feed a lot of cheap corn, but it wouldn’t be as nutritious.

We could keep the animals in small spaces so they would waste less calories walking around, but that wouldn’t be fair to them.

We could use synthetic nitrogen to make our pastures green, but the environment would have to foot the bill.

If you are on a budget, it is our commitment that we will get you healthy food. I have lots of markdown items – contact me directly.

Do the math on your priorities: health, flavor, local, sustainable, animal kindness and your own budgeting; and whatever you choose, do it with the confidence that you spent intentionally.

Our Promises

We will provide nutritious food with absolute transparency at every step.

We will provide excellent, personal service and go the extra mile to remind you and ourselves that it’s not just about dollars.

We will work with our customers during times of financial challenge to ensure healthy food for their families.

We will offer products at prices designed to turn a reasonable profit.

Our Customers

  • Enjoy & share the food, and recommend us to friends and neighbors or online
  • Forgive little mistakes – we’re people, not Walmart
  • Give honest feedback and encouragement
  • Order regularly
  • Take time to visit the farm (and us) and get in touch with their foodscape